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What if the Disney Cruise Line Went Freaky on Fridays?

There are plenty of attractions for adults and kids to enjoy together and on their own on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. However, it also becomes quickly apparent (pun intended) that the older generations wish they were young again to play in the kids-only spaces, and kids are no doubt curious about those adults-only areas as well.

What if the Disney Cruise Line Went Freaky on Fridays? is continued below… More Cruise Reviews from Popular Cruising’s Disney Fantasy, Western Caribbean 2013 sailing: From Under the Toque: A Chef’s Retrospective of Disney Fantasy Cuisine

The Tube Adults-Only Club, Part of Europa on Disney Fantasy (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

So, what if Disney embraced the story of its own Freaky Friday (Affiliate Link – See Disclosure Policy in Footer for More Info) film – where a mother and daughter mysteriously switch bodies and are afforded fresh perspectives on each other’s lives – and offered a swap hour (or longer) onboard when adults are allowed to play in the children’s areas and vice versa? Mind you, this is not the actual policy of the Disney Cruise Line. But just what if?

Freaky Friday Film (Copyright © Disney Enterprises, Inc.)

To be sure, Disney does offer occasional open house hours for the youth facilities that allow adults to peek inside the fun zones, and infrequently parents are invited to learn how to make flubber – the titular play goo from another of Disney’s film franchises. But what about a full program switch on Friday evenings? (The seagulls in the header image above exclaim, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”)

Oceaneer Lab Kids Space on Disney Fantasy (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

Imagine taking the parents from Europa – the adult’s area onboard the Disney Fantasy – and gathering them all around the Magic Playfloor – a massive interactive video screen at one’s feet in the kid’s Oceaneer Club – for an evening of gaming and dancing. Alternatively, picture the children enjoying “mocktails” in O’Gill’s – an Irish-themed bar on the Disney Fantasy and now also the Disney Magic – for a Goofy’s Sports trivia night, with “the goof” present as emcee no less.

O’Gill’s Pub on Disney Magic (Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

Let the adults be recruited for Toy Story Boot Camp led by Corporal Green, effective drill sergeant of the green army men, or challenge them to design Piston Cup-winning race Cars. All the while, the kids could play gender wars games of princesses versus pirates in the Evolution dance club onboard the Disney Dream or rock out with Crush from Finding Nemo in the new Fathoms nightclub, inspired by the ocean itself on the Disney Magic.

Play Floor in Oceaneer Club on Disney Fantasy (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

The irresistible possibilities are endless, but it may never happen. Part of what makes the kids facilities on Disney Cruise Line ships so great is how well secured they are with complete dining areas and bathrooms housed entirely within, but it’s still fun to consider. If nothing else, perhaps this dream could at least come true for the adults. Kids-at-heart can hope.

For more information on the Disney Cruise Line and its actual activities, visit the cruise line’s website here.

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What do you think about this hypothetical swap hour onboard the Disney Cruise Line? Would you be interested in participating in such an event? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…


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