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Imagining a Disney Legacy Cruise Ship

When Disney Cruise Line announced it was upping its new ships coming to the fleet from two more to three, my wife and I began to think about possible names.

One idea she had was the Disney Legacy as a vessel specifically dedicated to the history of Walt Disney and the company he created.

So, adhering to the very “blue sky” process that the Walt Disney Imagineering teams uphold, what might such a potential ship look like?

We already know the next trio of ships will be slightly bigger, which gives us a larger canvas to paint on.

One thing that will surely carry over from the predecessors will be the line’s signature rotational dining. Animator’s Palate has been common to all of the ships as has some form of elegant restaurant. This is one area where the ships could take inspiration from an existing shoreside dining venue like Walt’s at Disneyland Paris, which would also follow the possessive naming scheme of such other ship restaurants as Lumiere’s and Triton’s.

The restaurant serves as an in-park tribute to Disney himself, telling his story through photographs, an animation zoetrope and rooms themed to the “lands” of Disneyland—which would actually make more sense outside of a Disneyland.

Still, as it could prove difficult to thematically subdivide a single large restaurant served banquet style, the story of Disneyland might be better told as an original musical.

My wife would employ legendary composer and Disney favorite Alan Menken to write songs such as “Only an Orange Grove” and “To All Who Come to This Happy Place” to interpret the building of Walt’s first Anaheim, California theme park on stage.

Of course, the ship would also have to be chock-full of exhibit space to display historical artifacts either permanently or on rotation. The brand could even partner up with The Walt Disney Family Museum to showcase everything from his early childhood to the beginnings and future of the cruise line itself. The land-based parks often tease upcoming attractions in this way and so too could the cruise division.

With the added size of the vessel, there could potentially be two cinemas onboard: one showing first-run films and another screening only Disney classics. That way, even the library of catalog titles would get some extra love.

Meanwhile, a new activity that would be popular among kids and adults: “Be an Imagineer” experience wherein guests not only learn what the Disney design steps are but also try them out to brainstorm new onboard and shoreside attractions.

Actual Imagineers could come onboard from time to time to host special events and engage in discussions with fans.

Speaking of attractions, how cool would it be if there was a simulator onboard that allowed you to experience rides that are no longer in operation in the parks?

It could be a Disney Cruise Line exclusive too—the only place in the world where fond memories of old rides could be recreated.

If there was ever to be such a singular ship in the fleet, it would have to be one that would travel the better part of the globe, perhaps even on world cruises, so as to make it available to the greatest number of potential guests. It could even act as an ambassador of the entire Disney company, bringing joy to those parts that may not have yet been exposed to Mickey Mouse and the gang.

This may only be a “blue sky” concept now, but I really hope the Disney Cruise Line would one day consider such a ship as the Disney Legacy.

This post first appeared on TravelPulse.



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