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Ranking Disney Cruise Line’s Rotational Dining Rooms

PHOTO: Tiana’s Place on Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder (photo by Jason Leppert)

Disney Cruise Line ships are unique because each offers three main dining rooms that guests and their waitstaff rotate through during a sailing.

Some may be common across the fleet, but every complimentary restaurant on any given ship is individually themed to offer a unique experience and menu nightly.

They’re all standouts but here’s they rank, starting from the top.

1. Animator’s Palate – Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

The original concept of Animator’s Palate was introduced on the Disney Magic but evolved by the time the latest Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy came into the picture. The casual animation studio atmosphere invites guests to dine while concept drawings of various archival films showcase the fascinating film process.

Of course, things get particularly interesting when Crush from “Finding Nemo” arrives to talk with you on both ships, or your own character drawing comes to life on screen aboard the Fantasy.

2. Animator’s Palate – Disney Magic and Disney Wonder

Animator’s Palate on the first pair of ships, the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, started out as a more basic venue than it is today. Previously, static black-and-white character portraits transformed into color as the evening progressed.

Now, the restaurant remains mostly monochromatic as before until color is introduced into the show with newer screens displaying lots of animation art as on the Dream and Fantasy. Your characters are even animated on the Magic like aboard the Fantasy on seven-night and longer sailings.

3. Tiana’s Place – Disney Wonder

No single restaurant in the fleet is as interactive as the Animator’s Palate dining rooms, but Disney Wonder’s new Tiana’s Place comes close.

Themed to “The Princess and the Frog” animated film, the scene is straight out of New Orleans with creole cuisine, foot-stomping live jazz music and appearances from Tiana herself.

4. Carioca’s – Disney Magic

In the same vein as Tiana’s Place, Carioca’s on Disney Magic is inspired by the “The Three Caballeros” animated movie but this time without any live music element. The South American fare is tasty, and the overall decor is as colorful as the film’s parrot from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

5. Enchanted Garden – Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Modeled after France’s Versaille, Enchanted Garden on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy is a light and airy space reminiscent of vintage ocean liner winter gardens. While it’s not narratively linked to any particular Disney film, it’s a creatively designed venue that magically changes as dusk becomes night.

6. Lumiere’s – Disney Magic

Lumiere’s on the Disney Magic is a stunningly beautiful room that takes cues from “Beauty and the Beast” and the film’s anthropomorphic candelabra. It almost has an art deco department store vibe with its fluted columns and stylized chandeliers dotted by an enchanted red rose in the center of each.

The detailed character mural at the end of the hall is the icing on the cake.

7. Triton’s – Disney Wonder

Very similar to Lumiere’s is Triton’s on the Disney Wonder but with “The Little Mermaid” theming. A lovely tile mosaic represents the characters at the head of the restaurant as spiraling motifs permeate the space.

Cool blue stained glass paneling and accents appropriately represent being under the sea.

8. Royal Palace and Royal Court – Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Only because they are the closest to a traditional elegant main dining room on other cruise ships, the Disney Dream’s Royal Palace and Disney Fantasy’s Royal Court come in last, (albeit not least). They are, after all, some of the best examples of such restaurants and are perfectly themed for princes and princesses.

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