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Live Voyage Review: Silver Spirit, Panama Canal 2013 – Part 3

The brand of Silversea Cruises is revealed to me more and more with each passing day, and with it comes a sense of great onboard camaraderie among repeat guests. We had the great pleasure to dine with Captain Gennaro Arma last night, and it was remarkable just how familiar he was with so many at our table from past voyages. Former passengers are fiercely loyal to this cruise line, and I can see why.

The Panorama and Observation Lounges

We always enjoy seeking out quiet nooks onboard each cruise ship, and Silver Spirit has two that are perfect for a good read or gazing out at the horizon on sea days. The Panorama Lounge sits at the stern of Deck 9 and offers 180-degree views off the back of the ship. Curiously, the majority of the seats that line the windows are facing inwards, but the best views are actually from the outdoor terrace that wraps around the venue anyways.

The Panorama Lounge from the Entrance

From the Stage

In fact, this terrace is among several that uniquely extend beyond the usual pool deck to afford an abundance of exterior space onboard, and each is well outfitted with comfortably-padded wicker furniture. Stepping back inside, the Panorama Lounge sports subdued art deco styling with geometric fan accents and dimpled lamps with colorful stained-glass sidelights. The colors are creamy and rich down to the Baltic Brown granite tile floor.

The Panorama Lounge Bar

Baltic Brown Granite Tile Flooring

I’d say it’s very likely are favorite venue onboard. A continental breakfast of pastries and drinks is set up in the morning, and sandwiches are available here too at lunch time. The space is used for a variety of activities throughout the day including bingo, dance classes and team trivia hosted by the cruise director.

Comfy Chairs and Art Deco Lamps

Lamp Close-Up

We arrived too late to participate in the first round of trivia yesterday, but my mother and I played along on our own and did pretty well. However, my mom stood up for the bonus round and did great to remain the last one standing, taking home that day’s winnings of twenty Silver Spirit dollars – presumably to be spent on prizes later on during the cruise. So, we may just have to return to see how well we can do again.

The Panorama Lounge Terrace

Terrace Views

The Observation Lounge similarly offers a sitting space with exterior vistas at the very front of Deck 11, but the space is rather small and thus fills up quicker. This room also features a display of the ship’s current navigational information to supplement the forward facing views. A small bar is here but is often unmanned. Sodas are usually set up for self-service. Also, one corner features a library of books for perusing.

The Observation Lounge

An Interesting Bar Stool Arrangement at the Observation Lounge

La Terrazza

La Terrazza has been our tasty restaurant home for awhile. We had the great pleasure of being invited to dine with the food and beverage manager there a couple of nights ago, and just last night we enjoyed the company of our friendly captain there as well.

La Terrazza

The restaurant is very nicely designed with warm decorations of autumn leaves in the mosaic wall panels and ceiling lighting. What surprises me most is just how well controlled any noise is here. The dining room is incredibly quiet when full. Plus, the chairs are perfectly padded and very comfortable.

Table Settings

The Italian menu is traditional in its selection and abundance. An appetizer and pasta plus an entree and dessert fill you up very quickly. The beef carpaccio is well prepared and flavorful, and my pesto pasta was thick and creamy, keeping warm until finished. The ossobuco was mouthwatering as the veal nearly melted off the bone, and the rissoto accompaniment was just as delectable. Lastly, a refreshing chocolate ice cream is always a pleasant sendoff.

Mosaic Accents

Of course, this is La Terrazza by night. During the day, this space serves up breakfast and lunch buffets with salads, antipasti and entree choices, and several pizzas can be baked for you a la minute too. And the pizzas are some of the best I have ever had. The crust is a nice thin variety, and the tomato sauce is not overwhelming. Any toppings are just as tasty coming from excellent ingredients.

Tranquility On Deck

Wines onboard are also extremely good. One of our white wines was a barrel-aged sauvignon blanc that had a bit of an aquavit character to it, and it was unlike anything I had ever tried before. Fans of statistics will be amazed to know that the ship consumes an average of 450 bottles of wine per day.



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