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Live Voyage Review: Silver Spirit, Panama Canal 2013 – Part 2

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Yesterday, Silver Spirit was anchored off of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – a port we have visited several times but never toured in any depth. To rectify this fact, we decided to take the ship’s half day tour to the famous art district of San Jose, situated just northeast of our port on the Sea of Cortez. To first get into town, we boarded the ship’s tenders which afforded us our first sea-level views of the fantastic vessel (as seen above).

A Mural Map Pinpointing Cabo San Lucas and San Jose

San Jose Art District

A Fascination for Rusty Signs

It’s probably been at least five years since we last were in Cabo, and it was amazing to see how built up it has become recently. There were many hotels and shops there before, but it would seem any remaining space has been infilled with even more resorts, golf courses – with green fees ranging from $100-350 – and residences. All the construction continues too, but we were pleased to see old favorites like the Giggling Marlin restaurant still in operation.

A Classic Mexican Fountain

The Beautiful Colors of Mexico

San Jose was a treat for sure. While I’m sure this area can get pretty congested during more crowded seasons, we were greeted with an open courtyard and nearly empty streets, at least of pedestrians. The art in the galleries was very impressive but nothing I could photograph per the owners’ request. Still, many of the buildings themselves were worthy of being described as art.

One of the Colorful Galleries

Tantalizing Textures

One of Many Alluring Buildings

The first structure we arrived at was the town’s central municipal building dating back to 1927. Other than a singular clock tower and cornices, the building was rather unassuming on the outside, but the inside consisted of a beautiful open air courtyard filled with trees.

Municipal Building Exterior

Municipal Building Courtyard

The town’s Spanish-style church was also pleasantly modest with two exterior bell towers and a clean white-washed interior. Lime green panels and golden accents were decorated further with only an occasional stained-glass window and hanging candelabras. The altar and side wings feature a handful of religious statues as well.

Spanish-style Church

A Clean, Modest Interior

I’ll try and at least describe some of the art that we saw throughout the retail galleries. Many paintings were extraordinary in their photorealism, depicting large scale close-ups of peoples’ faces. Others were composed of mixed media to add physical depth to architectural scenes. Many artists focused on whimsical statuary. One crafted fanciful animals with playful poses and another formed cute concrete figures interacting amusingly with simple concrete forms.

Baja Brewing Company

Pizza and Beer

Our walking tour concluded with a stop at the Baja Brewing Company for a beer and pizza tasting. The microbrewery presented a brief overview of the brewing process before taking us to the restaurant where three varieties were poured. We tried their blonde ale, red ale and oatmeal stout. I usually prefer darker beers, but their blonde ale was the most pleasing to me personally. The great pizza was a bit more of a standout than the beer itself actually. To be sure, it’s the pizza onboard Silversea that’s the best, however. Yum!



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