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Windstar Cruises Welcomes New Star Breeze to Its Fleet

Windstar Cruises has now welcomed its second power yacht – the Star Breeze – to its fleet as christened in Nice, France by travel advocate, Wendy Perrin. The 212-guest cruise ship joins Windstar following an $8.5 million, three-week redesign in Genoa, Italy.

“I can’t imagine a more exciting time to be part of Windstar Cruises,” says Hans Birkholz.  “The driving force to Windstar’s success is our unwavering commitment of providing a personal yacht style vacation. Our ships are small, our ambience: casually elegant, our service: personal.”

Owner’s Suite (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)


According to Windstar Cruises, Star Breeze received a full stem to stern transformation, including overhauls of every public space, dining venues, and suites. Highlights include:

  1. The outdoor Star Deck has expanded by 4 feet on each side to provide more space for lounging

Star Deck (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. The Star Deck now offers a new counter-current pool and whirlpool. The observation lounge on the top deck is transformed to Windstar’s popular Yacht Club, a chic coffee bar and lounge

Yacht Club (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. The entertainment lounge is completely renovated with new flooring, lighting, and furniture

  2. The club space has turned into the Compass Rose, redesigned with new contemporary furnishings, rich new flooring finishes, and plantation shutters

Compass Rose (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. The ship’s card room is now the Star Screening Room, where guests can view current movies

  2. AmphorA Restaurant is completely redesigned with updated lighting, wall coverings, art work, and seating layouts

  3. Veranda, located at the aft of the yacht, now offers expanded outdoor seating complete with a courtyard and garden wall

Veranda (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)


Star Breeze is set to continue cruising in the Mediterranean this summer before setting sail for the Caribbean in the fall. There, the cruise ship will embark on Windstar Cruises’ new Icons of the Dutch Caribbean itinerary and then on to Panama and Costa Rica in the winter.


Windstar Cruises also just recently unveiled its new Star Pride in May of 2014 and will introduce Star Legend on May 25, 2015, completing the reveal of the line’s three power yachts. Star Pride will receive another $3 million in improvements in 2016. “The continuation of the transformation,” says Windstar Cruises, “includes the completion of the AmphorA Restaurant remodel and a total renovation of the Lounge, Veranda, Screening Room, and more.”

For more information on Star Breezevisit Windstar Cruises‘ website here.


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