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Windstar Cruises Reveals Its Launch Plans for Star Breeze and Star Legend

Following the recent introduction of the Star Pride, Windstar Cruises will acquire two more sister power yachts from Seabourn Cruise Line to launch as Star Breeze and Star Legend on May 6, 2015 and May 25, 2015 respectively. The fleet expansion will double the total number of Windstar vessels from three to six – three sailing ships and three power yachts.

Star Breeze and Star Legend will receive a full stem-to-stern transformation, more than doubling the investment that was spent on Star Pride’s original enhancements,” says Hans Birkholz, Windstar Cruises’ chief executive officer. “We learned a lot about our guests’ preferences with the debut of Star Pride last year. We are taking their feedback and giving them what they want with the launch of these two all suite yachts.”

Improvements Since Star Pride

Following $8.5 million in renovations per ship in Genoa, Italy, the Star Breeze and Star Legend will be introduced with a number of changes since the Star Pride as described by Windstar below:

Lounge: The entertainment lounge completely transforms with new flooring, and furniture. The added elegance creates an ambiance that makes the show lounge an amenable space for entertainment, meetings or small gatherings.

Lounge Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. Veranda: The restaurant in the aft of the yacht will have expanded outdoor seating, complete with a garden wall.

Veranda Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

Star Deck: The outdoor deck will expand by four feet on each side, giving additional space for guests to relax on lounge chairs.

Deck Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. Star Screening Room: The space completely transforms from a card room to an intimate screening room where guests can watch current movies and play video games.

Additional Features

Windstar further describes the additional features to be highlighted onboard:

Public Spaces: Public areas receive updated décor, complete with new, more modern upholstery, lighting, wall coverings, carpeting, ceiling finishes, window treatments, and floors. The contemporary color palette combines sand and marine shades to contrast with the warmth of wood finishes, thereby creating an upscale, nautical feel, signature to Windstar. Some public space renovation highlights include:

  1. Yacht Club: The observation lounge on the top deck was one of the most well- received spaces on Star Pride. The space becomes a chic coffee bar and lounge where guests can enjoy espresso and light bites. The lounge receives a complete overhaul, including new flooring, lounge furniture, and an open layout that embraces the view of the shoreline.

Yacht Club Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. Reception: The carpeting receives an upgrade to Windstar’s signature blue, while new accent lighting and art give the reception area the quintessential Windstar welcoming look.

  2. Compass Rose: The club space will turn into Windstar’s popular Compass Rose, redesigned with all new contemporary furnishings, including rich new flooring finishes, plantation shutters, and comfortable chairs and bar stools designed for socializing. Live music can be found here nightly.

Compass Rose Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. Star Bar: The Star Bar will offer casual drinks during the day and a venue for star-gazing by night. The bar area will be expanded with teak decking, new stools, new awning, and lighting.

Star Bar Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

Dining Venues: All restaurants will be transformed to embrace Windstar’s casual elegance, where guests are free to eat when, where, and with whom they please (no jackets or ties required). All dining experiences are complimentary.

  1. AmphorA: Windstar’s formal dining experience will be introduced as AmphorA Restaurant. The main dining room will be redesigned, featuring mirror panels with Murano glass, new soft lighting, wall coverings, and art work. The room will feature a new seating layout; setting the stage for Windstar’s signature dining experience featuring contemporary, international menus and fresh, local dishes.

AmphorA Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

  1. Candles: At night Veranda will transform to Candles, a favorite Windstar romantic experience where guests can dine with table service under the stars. The added elegance enhances the guest experience with culinary offerings to match.

Suites: Every guest suite (a total of 106 suites) undergoes upgrades to reflect a more luxurious and stylish experience. Changes include new carpets, linens, couches, chairs, mattresses, curtains, and headboards, as well as a modern color palette including vibrant blue hues, rich brown tones, and opulent greys.

  1. Destination Suites: the Owner’s Suites will now showcase different, unique Windstar destinations, such as the Bora Bora Suite. Guests can get a taste of one of the hidden harbors that Windstar sails to, all in the comfort of their suite.

Owner’s Suite Rendering (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

More Star Pride Renovations

To bring the existing Star Pride even more up-to-date, another $3 million renovation is planned in April 2016. The ship will be further transformed including the completion of the AmphorA dining room remodel and a total renovation of the Lounge, Veranda, Screening Room, and more.

For more information on the new Star Breeze and Star Legend, visit Windstar Cruises‘ website here.




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