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Windstar Cruises Renovates Even More

Even after spending $18 million to renovate its fleet, Windstar Cruises is allocating another $3 million to remodel the staterooms onboard Wind Star and Wind Spirit. 72 cabins on Wind Star will be redone in a dry-dock happening this November, and 73 cabins on Wind Spirit will follow in April of 2015.

Existing Stateroom Design (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

“Guests are staying in our model showcase stateroom on Wind Star (seen in the header above), and the reviews so far have been outstanding,” said Hans Birkholz, chief executive officer and president of Windstar Cruises. “The new layout really exemplifies yacht-style cruising.”

New Sofa (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

Staterooms were already updated during the previous renovation with leather headboards, stately arm chairs, linen wall coverings, new lighting features, elegant window coverings, plush wool carpeting, art work, and stylish bed cushions, and corridors were remade with new wall coverings, carpeting, ceiling finishes, lighting, and art work.

Convertible Central Table (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

The improvements will bring a new layout, replacing the previous desk and vanity with a convertible sofa for relaxing during the day and dining during room service. The middle section of the sofa becomes a desk when needed for meals or a place to write with seats on either side. Also, the existing center dresser will be replaced with a chic new design that provides more space in the room.

New Dresser (Copyright © Windstar Cruises)

“We have a company-wide commitment to ensuring our yachts are constantly evolving to give our guests the best luxury experience possible,” said Birkholz. “These latest enhancements, along with the renovations done in early 2012, will make our staterooms some of the best in the luxury market.”

To learn more about Windstar Cruises existing fleet and future yachts beginning with the Star Pride, visit the cruise line’s website here. What is your opinion of Windstar Cruises’ fleet improvements and expansion? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…


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