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Windstar Cruises Finalizes Fleet Refurbishments

After a year’s worth of refurbishment projects valued at $18 million, Windstar Cruises has completed all the renovations across the line’s fleet of three sailing yachts. The newly revitalized Wind Spirit now joins the since refurbished Wind Star and Wind Surf as previously reported and illustrated.

Her updated features include new furnishings, upholstery, art, lighting, wall coverings, carpeting, ceiling finishes, window treatments and floor coverings, as well as enhancements to The Lounge, Casino, Reception, Pool Bar and Library. Lastly, The Restaurant has been replaced by the new fine dining venue, AmphorA.

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“The design palette, staying true to the other two yachts, combines sand and marine colors that contrast elegantly with the warmth of wood finishes, elevating the look and feel to stylish luxury at sea,” as described by the line.

“With the completion of the renovation, we are truly delivering on our promise of a unique luxury cruise experience that feels like your own private yacht,” said Hans Birkholz, CEO of Windstar Cruises. “So far our guest feedback has been excellent; our guests are just as excited as we are to have the fleet completed.”

For more information about Windstar Cruises and the line’s three sailing yachts, visit the Windstar website here.

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