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What to Expect from Silversea Cruises’ Changing Fleet

Luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises made the announcement that it would be spending $170 million to refresh its entire fleet, extending even to its Silversea Expeditions brand, making the refurbishment plans its biggest ever.

First on the list to be improved are the Silver Whisper, Silver Wind, Silver Discoverer and, as previously scheduled, Silver Cloud.

Silversea Cruises has typically built its vessels in pairs starting with the 1994 Silver Cloud and 1995 Silver Wind sister ships and 2000 Silver Shadow and 2001 Silver Whisper duo. The Silver Spirit, launched in 2009, has been awaiting its sister ship for some time, but will soon see it in the slightly larger Silver Muse come 2017.

As that new ship comes online, the oldest Cloud (rendered above in Silversea Expeditions livery) in the classic fleet will transfer over to the expeditions one. It’s unknown what amount of the $170 million will or won’t be allocated to the vessel’s already planned hull strengthening to prepare it for polar regions. Perhaps it will receive additional enhancements once in dry-dock in August 2017 and before relaunching as soon as November 2017. If nothing else, it will add a fleet of 18 zodiacs and have its capacity reduced from 260 to 200 for an even greater passenger space ratio.

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