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Viking Ocean Cruises’ second ship – the Viking Sea – has officially launched and embarked on its first cruise. It joins and has already met the first ship, the Viking Star, as the cruise line anticipates more orders and an eventual fleet of six vessels. Viking Cruises’ ocean and river brands have predominated Europe thus far, and a future beyond is coming.

The first two 47,800-ton, 930-guest sisters made an inaugural rendezvous in Santorini, Greece, posing for a scenic photo-op (seen above) ahead of Viking Sea’s maiden voyage. The Viking Star was sailing from Istanbul to Venice as the Sea headed in the other direction towards Turkey to begin the same route.

“It is hard to believe that less than one year ago, we were just setting sail with our first ship, and now we have two sister ships together,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking Cruises. “It is a proud day, and I am already looking forward to next year when we will have three ships to cross paths.”

Now, the Viking Sea has begun its official inaugural cruise from Istanbul and is following in the wake of her sister ship on its way to Italy. After Venice, the new vessel will head out of the Mediterranean towards London, where the ship will be christened on May 5 in the Thames River in Greenwich. She will then start her first season alternating between Baltic and Mediterranean itineraries.

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