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What the Loss of Royal Caribbean International’s Dynamic Dining Means

Following the lead of Norwegian Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International originally introduced Dynamic Dining aboard its Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, but variations of the program didn’t take off. Now by Nov. 27, 2016 it will be completely abandoned on Anthem, and Quantum has already altered its dining for the Chinese market.

Initially, Dynamic Dining offered four distinct complimentary main dining rooms, each with their own themes and cuisines, for which guests could make separate reservations a la Norwegian specialty restaurants, and later it evolved into a rotational dining system not unlike Disney. Then, table mates and wait staff would cycle through the restaurants with a different one featured each night but at a set time.

Unfortunately, neither version was popular among Royal Caribbean passengers, thus prompting the line to ditch them. In their place will be two options: My Time Dining familiar to the rest of the fleet and tradition

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