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What Sets Cunard Line Apart?

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If you’ve never been on Cunard Line, you may be wondering what its claim to fame is. Here are five areas where the premium company is particularly unique compared to other cruise lines.


Just last year Cunard impressively celebrated its 175th anniversary of operations, dating back to the days of vintage ocean liners like the famed Mauretania and original Queen Mary, now permanently moored in Long Beach, California. Unlike any other, the company has a fascinating history that even includes the White Star Line and model for its White Star service to this day. Its transatlantic nature gives it a very unique blend of American and English character as well.

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Following such storied heritage is an admiration for the past that embraces a formal dress code, usually never allowing for anything less than dresses or separates for ladies and a jacket for gentlemen in the evenings. The overall effect is that of traveling back in t

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