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What Other Wild Attractions Could Make it to Cruise Ships?

Just when you think cruise ship attractions can’t get any more elaborate, another cruise line comes out with something even more outrageous. So, what could possibly be next? A full-blown go-kart racetrack is coming to Norwegian Cruise Line’s upcoming Norwegian Joy in the Chinese market in 2017, but that’s likely just the beginning.

Currently, the cruise industry has been taking its cues from land-based attractions when developing its own, and that has resulted in some pretty impressive features thus far with Royal Caribbean International in the lead with its plethora of innovations. After all, it has surfing and skydiving simulators as well as the North Star craned passenger pod on the Quantum-class ships and new high-speed Ultimate Abyss slide on the new Harmony of the Seas.

Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line aren’t far behind though with the SkyRide suspended cycling ride and AquaDuck water coasters (pictured above) respectively. Also from land, Carnival has introduced an IMAX theater at sea, and

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