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What Might We Expect from Virgin Voyages Come 2020

By 2020, there will be another cruise line for travelers to consider spending their vacation days on in the form of Virgin Voyages. Originally dubbed Virgin Cruises, Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson recently announced the new moniker as a departure from traditional cruising.

So, just what might that look like in four years’ time?

After all, very little in the way of details has yet to be released beyond specifications for a fleet of three 110,000-ton, 2,800-guest ships being built by Italian Fincantieri though 2022. The only latest information we have is that the line will partner with clean energy system Climeon Ocean.

To start, a visit to Virgin Voyages’ website before the name change brought up a form asking for suggestions, which was a welcome sign of a line dedicated to travelers’ desires. While the call for submissions has since expired, the displayed description retains the values:

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