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What Makes Seabourn So Special?

As a luxury line, Seabourn is held to higher standards of excellence, and it definitely lives up to them. But what makes the brand stand out among the rest is its unique contributions to cruise travel greatness.

Casual Luxury

Perhaps one of the most surprisingly likable attributes of Seabourn is its unpretentiousness, to the point that formal wear is seldom expected. Country club casual is more common than on other luxury lines, and it is a refreshing change of pace. In fact, on our 10-day cruise, only one evening was assigned as formal, and even then a tie was not required of gentlemen. It’s always nice to be able to receive great service without the need to dress up for it.

Fine Dining

Every single cruise line touts its fine dining to some degree or another, but there truly is a difference on luxury lines and on Seabourn especially. Whether at The Restaurant or Co

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