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What is the Current and Future State of the Cruise Industry? A New Survey Finds Out.

A new MarketScope Global survey — taken of over 6,000 cruise line executives, suppliers, industry analysts and journalists – paints an insightful picture of the current state of cruising, that also looks to the future. Four simple questions were asked, but some of the results are unexpected.

Which of these cruise brands do you recall most recently seeing in a television commercial?

Well ahead of the pack here is Royal Caribbean International with 37.21 percent of respondents indicating the brand is most prevalent in the public eye, and second is Viking Cruises at 13.95 percent. Until recently, Viking consisted only of a river brand but has now expanded with two ocean ships. Clearly, its sponsorship of “Masterpiece Theatre,” particularly the television show “Downton Abbey,” is paying off in large dividends as its fleet continues to expand.

Tied for the third at 9.3 percent are Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises, itself a corporate cousin to leader Royal Caribbean International, indicating a strong overall marketing presence. Following behind are three Carnival Corporation brands: Princess Cruises at 6.98 percent, Carnival Cruise Line at 4.65 percent and Holland America Line also at 4.65 percent.

Perhaps most interesting is the absence of the Disney Cruise Line on the list, which seems to remain successful by its brand name alone.

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