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Viking Star Float Out Photo and Video Tour

A brand new cruise line – Viking Ocean Cruises – is nearer to its introduction with the recent float out of its first vessel, the Viking Star. And now the new cruise ship has a godmother: Trude Drevland, the mayor of Bergen, Norway.

“For our first ocean ship it was very important to have a godmother who personifies our company’s Scandinavian heritage and the Viking spirit, so it is an absolute honor to have Trude as godmother to Viking Star,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking Cruises, corporate parent to Viking Ocean Cruises and Viking River Cruises.

The Viking Star is the first of three new cruise ships under construction for the line that emerges from the success of Viking River Cruises. The first ship will set sail after its christening by her godmother in May 2015.

Enjoy the video and photos of the Viking Star float out released by Viking Ocean Cruises below…

(Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

The Ship’s Propellor Prior to Launch (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

The Entire Viking Star Before She Was Floated Out (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

The Ship with Water Beneath Her Keel for the First Time (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

The Viking Star‘s Stern and Cantilevered Swimming Pool Above (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

Chairman of Viking Cruises, Torstein Hagen (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

Torstein Hagen Oversees the Ceremonial Coins (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)

Trude Drevland (left) with Torstein Hagen (Copyright © Viking Ocean Cruises)




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