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Travel Trends 2017: TravelPulse's Cruise Line Wish List

Before you know it 2017 will be upon us, and there is already plenty to be excited for in the new year for cruise travel. However, there are still those things that we would like to see more or less of, and below is our annual wish list that follows.

Less Charging for Internet Access

It’s all fine and good that cruise lines love to make a fuss about faster internet speeds onboard their ships, but the real announcement that would impress is offering said speeds for free. After all, it already really should be.

We’ve said it before that we understand the infrastructure for such access is expensive, but Wi-Fi these days is as essential as water. Selling it often seems greedy, so it would be nice to see less in the way of charges and more in the way of complimentary service. At least a number of upscale and luxury lines are following suit to various degrees.

Longer and More Overnight Stays

Azamara Club Cruises pioneered what now seems like an obvious concept in hindsight, longer stays and more overnights in port. If there is one main complaint about cruising it’s that it often does not allow enough time for guests to fully experience a destination before leaving for the next. Thankfully, additional cruise lines are being more mindful of this and planning itineraries accordingly. Now it would be nice to see it occur even more.

Of course, seven days is still the sailing duration sweet spot and staying longer in one spot only cuts into the time at another, but better balances are being discovered. There are even several weeklong cruises to the Caribbean next year that feature an overnight in Havana, Cuba to consider.

More Smaller Ships

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