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Travel and Cruise Comedy ‘Wrecked’ Gets Renewed

PHOTO: ‘Wrecked’ promotional barge at Comic-Con International 2017 in San Diego, California. (photo by Jason Leppert)

“LOST” fans may be aware of the parody television show “Wrecked,” but travelers may appreciate the program too.

The series—which was just renewed by TBS for a third season—has filmed in Puerto Rico and Fiji, even showcasing a regional cruise ship.

As a proud Lostie and ardent follower of the fantasy drama, I have watched “Wrecked” since day one. The series amusingly riffs on the original’s premise of plane crash survivors making it by discovering their mysterious new surroundings.

The pilot episode and Season One of the comedy was filmed in Puerto Rico before production shifted to Fiji for Season Two. Travelers will appreciate the show’s outdoor tropical setting while the humor will surely have you coming back.

Without giving away too much for those who may still wish to see it fresh from the start, Season Two introduces a cruise ship.

As a smaller boutique ship that I was previously unaware of, I had to first cross-reference ships that sailed in the region of Fiji to visually determine which one it was. The vessel turned out to be Captain Cook Cruises’ M.V. Reef Endeavour. Going by the motto “Fiji’s Cruise Line,” the company is available to charter according to its website.

It worked out well for “Wrecked” that the Oceania country could double for the island and supply the ship.

When not chartered, the Reef Endeavour embarks on 3- to 11-night local voyages. Highlights encompass the Mamanuca, Yasawa and Lau islands, as well as Kadavu.

At only 3,125 tons and carrying 130 guests in four categories of suites and staterooms, the ship itself is intimate. It features two lounges, a dining saloon, two bars, library, gift shop, spa and mini gym, swimming pool and sun deck.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead***

Though not mentioned by any name, the show is supposedly the host of a theme cruise. The episode “Cruise-ifornication” amusingly tells the tale of a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute-band sailing of the same name.

Much like actual such fan voyages, on deck concert fun is presented in flashback form before jumping ahead and showing the ship now abandoned.

The M.V. Reef Endeavour’s exterior gets quite a lot of time in the spotlight with many scenes occurring on its outer levels. All branding may have been digitally removed, but overhead helicopter shots still show the beautiful ship in all its glory.

Even what appears to be the vessel’s actual navigation bridge makes appearances. Although I’m sure some temporary sets were also utilized in part, the remaining interiors including cabins are a match to the real ship.

Of course, it’s hysterical that another episode is titled “Speed” and references the other cruise ship-set production “Speed 2: Cruise Control,” shot on Seabourn’s then Seabourn Legend.

For those of us who have been watching, the cliffhanger at the end of Season Two certainly will keep us in suspense until Season Three commences in 2018.

Is it the Dharma Initiative of “Wrecked” or a reference to “The Most Dangerous Game” and its human hunting spree? I guess we’ll just have to find out…

This post first appeared on TravelPulse.



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