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The Realities of Cruising During a Hurricane

PHOTO: Carnival and other cruise lines have to make difficult decisions during times when a hurricane presents a clear danger. (Courtesy Carnival Cruise Line)

As Hurricane Matthew, or any such tropical storm, wreaks havoc in the Caribbean, cruise lines are forced to alter their itineraries, and unfortunately there’s not much passengers or the ships themselves can do about it.

While planning on a cruise to specific ports of call and then having to forego many or all for replacements or none is disappointing, the bottom line is that any rerouting is done for the sake of guest safety. Safety always comes first in the minds of the cruise lines, and if you’re along for the ride, the best thing to do is just try and take any alterations in stride.

Anything weather related is outside the cruise lines’ control, and per policy, companies are not required to offer compensation for any changes in itinerary regardless of how extreme, save for refunded port fees. However, many often choose to offer some as an act of good will. In the case of Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Pride originally scheduled to sail to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Freeport from Baltimore this week,

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