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The New Celebrity Reflection: Improvements from the Silhouette

It would appear that Celebrity Cruises’ “Solsticization” initiative – the process in which the line has rolled back many of the popular features found on the Solstice-class ships onto the older Millennium-class ships – has come full circle with the upcoming introduction of the Celebrity Reflection, the fifth and last Solstice-class ship. Or perhaps it could be put that the Solstice-class has now been “Reflectionized” because the Celebrity Reflection will be more innovative than any of her previous sisters.

From the Celebrity Silhouette, launched just last year, improvements on the Reflection most significantly include an additional deck, or at least the midship portion of a deck. We’ve included diagrams with this article to fully illustrate such modifications made to the Reflection’s design since her predecessor. The modified areas and new additions are highlighted in yellow. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Deck 15 on the Silhouette and Reflection Click on the Image to Enlarge

Take deck 15 for instance. Here you will find that the forward children’s facility and aft Lawn Club have been directly connected by the perimeter jogging track deck that flanks the pool from above. This change was made because the midship portions of the top most decks have been raised up a level since the Silhouette, thus offsetting the location of many familiar ship features but increasing space in the process. Also at the stern, the Sunset Bar sports a new configuration thanks to a slightly extended deck. In total effect, the Celebrity Reflection sizes up to 126,000 gross tons from the 122,400 tons of the Silhouette.

Deck 14 on the Silhouette and Reflection Click on the Image to Enlarge

At first glance, the forward additions to deck 14 look a lot like those on the “Solsticized” Millennium-class ships as the port side (left side) of the observation lounge has been heavily displaced by a new venue, or in this case, brand new stateroom categories. (See our extensive comparison of Celebrity’s “Solsticized” ships by clicking here.) Here is where two of Reflection’s three new suite varieties are situated onboard with the singular Reflection Suite and five Signature Suites.

The Reflection Suite (seen in the header image above) is the one that has been making headlines recently due to its extremely unique shower. The 1,636 sq. ft. two-bedroom suite features a cantilevered, glass-enclosed shower (pictured below) befitting Willy Wonka himself. Celebrity Cruises assures guest privacy, however, explaining that, “they can enjoy breathtaking sea views while discreetly showering, courtesy of the shower’s special reflective glass. But, if they seek even further privacy, the shower also features ‘smart glass.’ At the flick of a switch, guests can activate an electrochromatic technology which instantly transforms the glass from transparent to translucent.”

The Reflection Suite Shower on the Reflection (Copyright © Celebrity Cruises)

As does the Reflection Suite, the 441 sq. ft. Signature Suites feature high-ceiling rooms with a full length window and veranda door, and they are accessible by private corridor using exclusive suite keys. This separate bank of suites makes it possible to book the entire set to accommodate a group of up to 26 people. Immediately behind these new cabins and observation lounge is now the relocated pool deck.

Deck 12 on the Silhouette and Reflection Click on the Image to Enlarge

Thanks to the repositioning of the outside pool area to a deck higher, the midship section of deck 12 is now comprised of additional cabins including 34 AquaClass Suites, the last new suite type onboard Reflection. These suites are physically identical to the Sky Suites but offer the following upgrades: Hansgrohe shower panels, aroma scent selections, bottled water, and priority dining at the Blu spa-specific specialty restaurant. The future cruise sales office also makes deck 12 its new midship home on Reflection.

Deck 4 (on the left) and Deck 5 (on the right) on the Silhouette and Reflection Click on the Image to Enlarge

Another remaining change of note is the removal of the Quasar nightclub on deck 5 with its conversion into the conference center since this utilitarian venue was displaced by the new suites on deck 14. Lastly, the Celebrity Destinations office on deck 4 is now an unspecified Captain’s Club venue which will likely just be an office. Less evident improvements onboard Reflection include additional inside staterooms, seats in the restaurants and theater, and pool deck sun lounges, and furthermore, Michael’s Club will serve up to 50 international craft beers.

The Cold Room in The AquaSpa on the Reflection (Copyright © Celebrity Cruises)

The reconfigured and expanded AquaSpa space will include six more heated tile beds and six all new experiences like the Hammam, a cool room with a heated stone slab to loosen muscles. There is also a dedicated cold room to tighten pores after their opening and cleansing in an infrared-heated sauna and aromatic steam room. The spa also features a do-it-yourself scrub and salt bar where you can create custom body scrubs. And lastly, the hot or cold sensory showers with infused fragrances and pleasing sounds and lights finish off the new AquaSpa delights.

Raising the bar on an already superlative fleet of ships, the Celebrity Reflection, by features alone, will surely impress new guests and even former Solstice-class passengers when she is launched in October 2012. Learn more about the Celebrity Reflection by visiting Celebrity Cruises’ Reflection-specific web page by clicking here. Do you have plans to embark on a Celebrity Reflection cruise? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…


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