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The Importance of Brand Trust in Cruise Travel

Carnival Cruise Line was recently honored as the “Most Trusted Cruise Line in America” by a Reader’s Digest poll for the second year in a row, signifying the importance of reliability in cruise travel.

It’s not just the airlines that live and breathe by way of their reputations and low fares. Cruise lines rely on the satisfaction of their guests to be ranked highly and, in turn, maintain loyalty and attract new passengers.

In the case of Carnival, Reader’s Digest cites the fulfillment of the brand’s promise and exceeding expectations as its primary successes. That means, the line delivers on its message of fun for all and all for fun, at a fantastic value.

The criteria for the over 5,000 Americans polled by Reader’s Digest included quality, value and reliability, but also important are, of course, safety, comfort, health and security. To be trusted means upholding the highest standards in all of these areas, and cruise lines across the board str

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