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The Hidden Benefits of Local Cruise Homeporting

In cruise travel, a homeport is one that is close enough to your residence that you can get to it quickly, usually without flying. For those living in the U.S., that often means embarking from cities in California, Florida, New York, Texas and Washington among others. But besides the obvious convenience, there are other benefits to be enjoyed on cruises to, from or roundtrip from these states.

Destinations nearest the American continent are the most common homeport options. That is Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera. Year-round, there are plenty of weeklong or so roundtrip itineraries heading to the Caribbean from lots of ports, as far north as New York City, and seasonally to Alaska from the north and Mexico from the south.

Taking in to account the undesirables of air travel, more and more homeport cruises are stretching farther beyond, however. There are two-week cruises to Hawaii from and returning to the likes of Los Angeles, and Holland America Line even makes it all the way south to Martin (Pisco), Peru roundtrip from San Diego on an epic 30-day voyage. The joys of the latter are all the places seen along the way, and those of the former are the

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