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The Harmonious Crystal Cruises Cuisine of Crystal Symphony

When mega cruise ships offer dozens of dining choices, you may wonder what is offered aboard a smaller luxury ship like Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Symphony that could possibly compare. Well, as it turns out a whole lot is actually available in the way of superior quality even if not necessarily quantity.

To start, the Crystal Dining Room serves as the main restaurant onboard where the award-winning cuisine is first presented in modern and classic forms. Dinner menus are split with a full offering of traditional favorites on one side and a more contemporary set of courses on the other, effectively crafting two restaurants from one. Diners have the option to order from either exclusively or mix and match between the two.

On our current sailing, the tasty formal night modern menu featured two entrees that were both too tempting to pass up. The Broiled Fresh Maine Lobster and Beef Trio together made for a wonderful impromptu surf-and-turf pairing with the melt-in-your-mouth Black Angus beef tenderloin alone knoc

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