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The Fine Art of Cruise Ship Deck Plans

Maybe it’s because I studied as a graphic designer, but there is something actually beautiful about cruise ship deck plans to me that you may have never noticed before. After all, they are very much apart of the marketing plan of a cruise line to get potential travelers excited about what public venues to explore and where their private accommodations will be located onboard.

Of course, some deck plans are better than others at drumming up interest in ships. Back in the day, cruisers relied exclusively on printed brochures to visualize their layouts. Now, deck plans are available in print or online to peruse, and the best, in my opinion, employ color to accentuate the diagrams.

That’s why I’ve always been most fond of Princess Cruises’ deck plans. Monochromatic ones are somewhat difficult to map out, but those for the line’s latest Regal Princess (pictured above top), for instance, utilize both alternating solid colors and gradient fills to better delineate lounges, restaurants, bars, shops and more. Quite frankly, the results are artistic.


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