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The Current and Future State of Cruise Specialty Entertainment

Specialty dining has been around on cruise ships for some time now, but specialty entertainment is a concept that has been surprisingly slow to gain equal momentum. A company like Disney Cruise Line is built upon a foundation of entertainment, so doesn’t charge extra for any of it, whereas Carnival Cruise Line offers its Carnival LIVE program for an extra fee.

Specialty entertainment can refer to any entertainment that comes with a surcharge above and beyond the initial cruise fare. Just as spending more on specialty dining affords guests a superior meal over the included cuisine, specialty entertainment offers a similar added value to shows.

One could even argue that theme cruises are where the idea originated. That is bringing on artists for a musical festival at sea on top of the ship features themselves for a premium experience such as The Rock Boat or even “Star Trek” The Cruise which similarly brings fan-favorite actors aboard instead of musicians. This all-encompassing approach has taken off for sure. What remains is its a la carte sibling.


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