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The Current and Future State of Cruise Smoking Policies

The smoking lamp is officially out on Holland America Line balconies beginning next year, so we thought we’d see what is expected of smokers on other cruise ships as well.

Aside from unpleasant drifting fumes and second-hand smoke health concerns, it’s actually surprising Holland America Line was the last big domestic brand to put a balcony ban in effect since fire is the single greatest safety threat aboard a cruise ship. In fact, corporate cousin Princess Cruises experienced a devastating fire on its Star Princess in 2006, likely started by a burning cigarette on a veranda.

Generally, smoking is not allowed in staterooms and suites due to the aforementioned risk of fire, and that now extends to balconies in most cases as well. Like Holland America, Seabourn is another to only recently ban smoking on private verandas, and only Costa Cruises remains, at least in the Carnival Corporatio

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