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Testing Future New Decor on Cruise Ships

As new cruise ships launch and existing cruise ships age, it’s important to maintain fleets as a whole. Part of that process is ensuring an updated aesthetic on classic vessels to better match the most modern ones. Before that can be done, however, cruise lines must test various designs before selecting a final new decor.

Just as homeowners might paint different color swatches on a wall to determine their favorite, I’ve seen Holland America Line and Azamara Club Cruises do the same with wall panels and furnishings respectively.

The Westerdam is awaiting a major refurbishment come April 2017, and when we were recently onboard, the premium cruise line was testing cabin corridor wall pattern replacements. As the Koningsdam and Holland America’s latest ships are doing away with traditional golds and other dark tones for a brighter look, it has the challenge of deciding on new m

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