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Sweetness on the Sea: The 4 Best Cruise Dessert Brands

There are tasty cruise ship desserts, and then there are popular sweet brands featured onboard for special occasions or a daily treat. These are our favorites from leading ice creameries to confectioners available at sea, and if your waistline happens to tighten up while enjoying them, just blame it on the salty air.

Godiva Chocolatier ~ Queen Mary 2 ~ Cunard Line

The surprise hit from Cunard Line’s remastering of its flagship Queen Mary 2 is the Godiva chocolate bar at Sir Samuel’s. The former coffee bar menu has been expanded to feature Godiva pastries, cakes, ice creams, sundaes, fondues, truffles, and hot and chilled chocolate beverages.

Every sampled taste on our cruise was exceptional, and best of all, the premium selections were delightfully inexpensive. A must try is a trio of dark, milk and white chocolate fondues where the buttery white variety was an unexpected favorite to dip croissant pieces, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows into.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream ~ Crystal Cruises and Royal Caribbean International

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has long been a favorite brand for its playfully-named delicious flavors, and both luxury

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