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Silversea Expeditions Sails Inaugural Cruise and Plans New Refurbishments

Silversea Expeditions has just completed its first ever navigation through the famous Northwest Passage with the Silver Explorer (pictured in the header above off the coast of Greenland) and plans to further refurbish the Silver Galapagos.

Starting in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, the Silver Explorer sailed for 23 days before arriving in Nome, Alaska on September 1, 2014, traveling an impressive total distance of 3,500 nautical miles. The challenging route, known for shallow waterways and icy surfaces, stretches through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and similarly retraces the first completed vessel passage by Roald Amundsen, made from 1903 to 1906. The Explorer‘s compact size and ice-strengthened hull made the ship more than capable of traversing such seas.

“Sailing the Northwest Passage is an experience reserved for true adventurers and dedicated explorers,” said Conrad Combrink, Silversea’s director of expedition planning and strategic development. “We are honored to know that what was once an unfulfilled dream for such renowned explorers as Captain James Cook, Henry Hudson, and many others, is now a successful chapter in the history of Silversea Expeditions.”

Silver Galapagos (Copyright © Silversea Expeditions)

In other news, the Silver Galapagos is set to undergo additional month-long refurbishments this month in Panama. More in keeping with the newly revitalized Silver Discoverer, the expedition ship will emerge with a new color scheme of blues and beiges. What’s more, all of the suites, corridors, and the Explorer Lounge will be entirely renovated as well.

Previously, new suite marble bathrooms, a fitness centre, massage room, beauty salon, outdoor Jacuzzi, and The Grill were added to the vessel. Once fully complete, the Silversea Expedition fleet will sport consistent interior design.

For more information on the Silver Explorer and Silver Galapagos, visit Silversea Expeditions‘ website here.


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