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Silversea Cruises Begins Construction on New Silver Muse

Among unprecedented growth in the luxury cruise market, Silversea Cruises has laid the keel for its latest Silver Muse at the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, Italy today. The vessel will be a sister ship to the line’s current Silver Spirit flagship.The construction start was celebrated with a traditional maritime ceremony by welding commemorative and symbolic coins to the keel before it was laid in place. Seven coins represent the continents that Silversea travels to and one was dedicated to the Silver Muse itself. The pieces included a South African rand, an Australian dollar, a U.S. half dollar, a Brazilian real, an Italian euro, a Singapore dollar, a commemorative Antarctica trust coin and the Silver Muse-specific one. The ceremony is performed to bring good luck to the ship.

In attendance were Silversea CEO Enzo Visone and Fin

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