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Seabourn’s Exceptional Cuisine from Thomas Keller

When a luxury cruise line decides to team up with the best American chef, something special is bound to happen, and Seabourn’s partnership with Thomas Keller has proved a treat for the senses.

The Seabourn Quest does not have a plethora of dining options like some larger mainstream cruise ships, but what it does have in the form of a main dining room, singular specialty restaurant, buffet, pool grill and room service is exceptional. While I cannot speak to what the cuisine was like before Thomas Keller, the offerings onboard are now certainly some of the best at sea if not anywhere in the world thanks to the multiple Michelin-starred chef’s contributions.

My cousin is a culinary instructor and swears by Keller’s creations, and now I know why. I first became acquainted with his stylings, thanks to Blu-Ray special features, from his serving as a consultant on the hit Pixar film “Ratatouille,” where his modern rendition of the vegetable stew was animated to perfection.

In the real world, it was his hand-rolled English Pea “Agnolotti” pasta dish, featured

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