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Sampling the Best of West Coast Dinner Cruises

Imagine having a cruise vacation along the California Coast with all its inviting beaches, sun-kissed coastlines, exciting attractions, and fascinating cities! Although it sounds like a fairy tale, this is exactly what a food and wine cruise along the West Coast can offer you. Most cruise ships come with customized onboard entertainment including a wide array of foods and wines that you can sample at less than the entertainment and convenience cost.

If you’re a sailing or boating enthusiast or just a couple who want to enjoy a peaceful and entertaining anniversary, a West Coast cruise can be more like a little sea spray that leaves you with memorable experiences. Below are some of the best food and wine cruises to add to your bucket list.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has lived to its commitment of giving nothing, but the very best of elegance and class in its cruises since its inception in 1989. The uniqueness of celebrity vacation choices emanate from its passionate dedication to giving its guests an experience that embodies modernity and luxury.

Onboard, the collection of wine packages produced by the top international and quality vineyard regions will certainly give you a vast assortment for your discerning palate. Every restaurant onboard has knowledgeable and certified Sommeliers, Cellar Masters and Servers.

The restaurants serve cutting-edge and globally-inspired dishes complete with legendary service. You can comfortably celebrate your life’s special moments including wedding commemorations, honeymoons, reunions, birthdays, and anniversaries and even engagements.

Princess Cruises

Whatever your mood or occasion, Princess Cruises have everything to help you create lifelong memories. Princess Cruises is one of the top names in cruising and rightfully so because it set its first sail in 1965 with just a single ship.

Today, with more than 1.7 million guests annually, Princess Cruises gives its customers the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of lush vineyards and wine tasting excursions. Dining onboard this cruise ship is the truest sense of a joyful celebration. Every dish is freshly designed and crafted in such a manner as to exceed the expectations of your most discerning appetites. Breads are home baked and the sauces are put together using the finest of ingredients to complement the hand-tossed pizza and multi-course gourmet dinners.

When celebrated out on the open sea, occasions such as birthdays, weddings and honeymoons, anniversaries and engagements become extraordinary. Enjoy the wide array of gift items onboard Princess Cruises including flowers, merchandise, wines, and much more.

The Pacific Coast and Pacific Northwest Cruise

If you want to enjoy short family vacations or wonderful getaways in mid-sized ships, then the Pacific Coast and Pacific Northwest Cruise is probably a choice you would want to settle for.

Holland America Line which offer you this special opportunity has a wide range of dining options that allow you to savor Italian cuisine, classic favorites, and lots of vegetarian choices. If you’re a fan of steaks and seafood, the Pinnacle Grill will give you a luxurious, romantic and refined experience that will make your taste buds go wild.

Your racial or geographical heritage, does not really matter when you are on the Pacific Coast and Pacific Northwest Cruise because the culinary traditions are drawn from virtually every part of the world including Southeast Asian, Japan and China. There are a variety of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails that can be served through in-room dining.

San Francisco Dining Cruises

It doesn’t matter the loads of stuff life throws at you, you always have something to celebrate. What a better way to wash away your worries, unpleasant past experiences, and all that comes between you and happiness, than to sit down, relax and enjoy the glittering waves, gentle bay breezes, and the San Francisco skyline.

The San Francisco dinner cruise comes with bountiful buffets, lots of dancing, and wines sourced from different parts of the world. The Hornblower Cruises are perfect if you are celebrating one of your life’s best moments including birthdays, reunions, weddings, and engagements. They have already lined up special event cruises for 2017 amongst them Valentine cruises, Easter cruises, and Mother’s Day cruises.


The choice is yours on which cruise you want to be on because the West Coast is simply unavoidable as it opens up to give you the pleasures of life you have all along been wishing for.

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