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Royal Princess Nears Godmother Announcement

The new Royal Princess from Princess Cruises is heading towards her launch in June 2013, having successfully passed her sea trials and nearing her interior completion. Now all that is left before she sets sail is the announcement of who will christen the ship as her godmother, to be revealed by the cruise line on Monday, April 8, 2013.

Princess Diana – Godmother of the Original Royal Princess from 1984 (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

The ship’s teenage madrina – or another designation for godmother – was already selected and present for the Royal Princess‘ float out, but the official godmother will likely be a more public figure such as Princess Diana who christened the original Royal Princess is 1984. It is expected by many that the godmother for the new vessel will be Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, following the British royal lineage.

The New Royal Princess (left) Sails by the Upcoming Regal Princess (right) (Copyright © Princess Cruises)

Previously, Royal Princess completed her sea trials when the ship was put through a series of rigorous tests to assess her seaworthiness. After successfully passing the trials, the new vessel returned to the shipyard and passed by her sister ship to be launched in 2014, the Regal Princess, making for a great photo op (seen above). Currently, her interior spaces are coming along nicely including the undulating forms of the ship’s atrium featured in the new construction images below…

(Copyright © Princess Cruises)

(Copyright © Princess Cruises)

(Copyright © Princess Cruises)

(Copyright © Princess Cruises)

For more information about Princess Cruises‘ new Royal Princess, visit the cruise line’s website here. Who do you think the godmother of Royal Princess will be? Give us your opinion in the comments section below…




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