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Royal Caribbean International Redefines Entertainment

There once was a time when the most you could expect from a cruise ship production show was a simple revue of Broadway and pop tunes performed by a small company of singers and dancers paired with basic staging. Over time, performances have become more and more lavish, eventually telling elaborate stories along the way, but they are typically still housed in traditional show lounges. Today, Royal Caribbean International is not only pushing the envelope on the main stage but in entirely new types of venues that transcend mere theater.

The undisputed master of stagecraft in a traditional theater at sea continues to be the Disney Cruise Line with its constant narrative focus and deployment of seemingly every theatrical technique imaginable, but Royal Caribbean is even nipping at the heels of Mickey Mouse and the gang with genuine Broadway-caliber shows like “Grease” on its newest Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world.

But where Royal Caribbean is really beating all of the competition is in its unique performance venues that started when it introduced Studio B on th

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