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Regent Seven Seas Voyager Refurbishment Photo Tour

The Seven Seas Voyager from Regent Seven Seas Cruises just emerged from her extensive drydock that was personally inspected by Frank J. Del Rio, the line’s chairman and chief executive officer. The luxury cruise ship received updated interior decor and rejuvenated outer decks as previously announced and detailed here.

“Regent Seven Seas Cruises has always set the benchmark for luxury cruises and the Seven Seas Voyager just raised the bar considerably. The ship is nothing short of breathtaking,” said Kunal S. Kamlani, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “Seven Seas Voyager is ushering in a new era of design sophistication for the line and is now undoubtedly the most beautiful ship afloat.”

Explore for yourself the upgrades the reinvigorated vessel received with the photo tour below…

Horizons (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

More of Horizons (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

Observation Lounge (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

More of the Observation Lounge (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

Entrance Foyer (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

Art Gallery (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

Outer Decks (Copyright © Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

For more information on the Seven Seas Voyager, visit Regent Seven Seas Cruises‘ website here.

What is your impression of the Seven Seas Voyager‘s new look? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below…




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