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Redesigned Disney Magic to Emerge After Mediterranean Season

Disney Cruise Line‘s Disney Magic is currently in the Mediterranean making a number of calls on European port cities that are significant to the vessel. The Disney Magic just made her first return visit to Venice, Italy since her initial construction in 1998 and her maiden visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia. The ship’s Mediterranean season is a grand lead-up to her upcoming redesign beginning in September 2013 in Spain where she will receive a number of impressive new features as previously announced.

Disney Magic in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

In fact, to delve even further into the Disney Magic‘s expected new additions, view the latest preview videos from the cruise line below…


(Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)


(Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

Family Magic

(Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

Water Fun

(Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

Senses Spa & Salon

(Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

Adult Magic

(Copyright © Disney Cruise Line)

For more information on the Disney Magic, visit the Disney Cruise Line website here.

Are you excited about these new ship improvements? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below…


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