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Pizza and Pirates on the MSC Divina

MSC CruisesMSC Divina continues to impress with its specialty dining and entertainment. Read all about the onboard Eataly pizza and Pirates production show below.

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After falling in love with the Eataly Steakhouse specialty restaurant onboard, we decided to try out the Eataly pizza last night. The included pizza at the buffet is very good, provided you grab a fresh slice while it’s still warm, but the best pizza to be had on the MSC Divina is found at La Cantina di Bacco.

Antipasto (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

For a surcharge amounting to $8-13 per pizza, or $21 for a pizza by the meter, guests can sit down at the wine bar and enjoy a sizable pie that features premium quality “slow food” ingredients. The tomato pizza sauce here, for example, is a sour variety that is more pleasing than the sweeter sauce from the buffet.

White Pizza with Parma Ham and Arugula (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

A nice sampler plate of antipasto precedes the delivery of the pizza, and the bar serves up a wide selection of wines, beers and soft drinks to wash it all down with. The white pizza with ham and arugula tastes of earthy freshness with hearty mozzarella, thinly sliced Ruliano Parma ham and crisp greens.

La Piccante di Eataly (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

For pepperoni lovers, the tasty spicy salami pizza is best. Pepperoni and spicy salami are one in the same in Italy. This pizza is topped with the great tomato sauce as previously mentioned and finished off with scrumptious mozzarella and the famed meat of choice.

All Gone (Copyright © Jason Leppert)


My wish for more set pieces in MSC Divina’s production shows was granted yesterday with Pirates, another lavish performance that this time featured a giant pirate skull with faux flaming eyes. This was a truly impressive show and utilized the entire 25 person cast of talented singers, dancers and acrobats.

Pirates (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

The loose narrative follows the tale of infamous pirate Billy Bones but, for the most part, is a reinterpretation of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Clips from the movies, Hans Zimmer’s iconic score, and the likeness of squid-faced Davy Jones all make frequent appearances. As such, a little more originality would go a long way.

“You Raise Me Up” (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

The high energy of the show is fantastic with tight choreography mapped out perfectly to the powerful instrumental music. The mermaid contortionist sequence is particularly breathtaking as are insertions of magic acts and other acrobatics showcasing balancing and stilt skill. Elaborate costumes also contribute to coloring and animating the stage.

Mermaids (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

Unexpectedly, the inclusion of “You Raise Me Up” as a singing number blends in very well with the rest of the musical cues. A selection of lyrics sung operatically to the Pirates of the Caribbean score is also a nice addition. Only prerecorded and live English dialogue is occasionally difficult to discern from the performers’ accents.

Flags (Copyright © Jason Leppert)

Pirates is a winner and showcases the brilliance of MSC Cruises’ multifaceted entertainment at its best. Bravo!


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