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Oceania Cruises’ Riviera Transitions from Vegas to Broadway Entertainment

There’s a change of the guard happening in cruise ship entertainment as typical Las Vegas-style cabarets gives way to more Broadway-style productions, and Oceania Cruises’ Riviera is currently at the turning point.

During our seven-day cruise, three main production shows – those with a full cast of singers and dancers – were scheduled in the Riviera Lounge, but unfortunately one of them was scheduled the very first night of the cruise, usually reserved for a “taste of things to come” throwaway.

As many passengers were just flying into Europe that day, including yours truly from the U.S. west coast, there was no way many of us were going to make it to the 9:45pm show as we recovered from jet lag.

As such, my first taste of the entertainment onboard was the next evening as Italian tenor Ugo Paliotto took to the stage. Suffice it to say this is the type of old-guard performance that is beginning to feel a bit tired on ships. Yes, he was talented enough as a vocalist but not exceptional, and the live orchestra was a welcome musical backing.

However, the show came across a bit lounge lizard-like, particularly as karaoke style lyrics were display

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