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Oceania Cruises Makes a Fine First Impression

I only just boarded Oceania Cruises’ beautiful Riviera midday yesterday, and already I’m very impressed. In the upscale cruise travel category, I had previously only sailed on Azamara Club Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises and toured Oceania’s Regatta in my homeport of San Diego. Interestingly enough, my parents and myself are experiencing Oceania in full for our first time this week, I on the Riviera in the Mediterranean and my folks on the Regatta in Alaska.

For starters, the ship is in immaculate condition. If ever you want to put a cruise ship to a maintenance test, just look at the lifeboat davits. If they are cleanly painted, you know you’re on a well taken care of ship. More often than not, these are the first to show signs of rust on most other ships, but not on the Riviera. Its whitewashed hull is uniformly finished.

Our concierge category stateroom follows suit with im

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