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Norwegian Getaway Conveyance Photo Tour

The Norwegian Getaway from Norwegian Cruise Line is officially on her way from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany down the Ems River as seen in this photo tour. Late last night, the new cruise ship left the finishing dock to begin her approximately 24-hour long conveyance down the Ems River towards Eemshaven, Germany.

Norwegian Getawayat the Finishing Dock (Copyright © Norwegian Cruise Line)

Although unnecessary for general sailing, her first journey is fascinatingly made in reverse as the ship is more maneuverable within the tight river clearances with the propellors pulling the ship. In fact, the first step in even reaching the river was to pass through the shipyard’s locks with only a 1.6 meter clearance.

Norwegian Getaway Leaves the Finishing Dock (Copyright © Norwegian Cruise Line)

The Norwegian Getaway is now that much closer to her final delivery and introduction into year-round service from Miami in February 2014. For more information on the Norwegian Getaway, visit the Norwegian Cruise Line website here and catch up on our previous reports here.

One Last Shot of the Norwegian Getaway Before Leaving the Shipyard (Copyright © Norwegian Cruise Line)

Enjoy the photo tour!

The Tropical Norwegian Getaway Passes Through a Pastoral Landscape (Copyright © Norwegian Cruise Line)

Can you believe the process it takes to get the ship from the shipyard to the sea? Please feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…

Norwegian Getaway Charges Ahead (Copyright © Norwegian Cruise Line)




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