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MSC Cruises Unveils Plans for Two More New Cruise Ships

On the heels of March’s announcement that MSC Cruises would build two new 167,600-ton cruise ships at STX France, the cruise line today unveiled plans to build yet another two new cruise ships, of an entirely new 154,000-ton class (rendered above), at Fincantieri in Italy.

The architecturally radical prototype is dubbed “Seaside”and will measure 1060 feet in length, 135 feet in width and 230 feet in height. 468,230 square feet of public areas and 2,070 guest cabins will accommodate 5,300 passengers.

Shipboard features will, according to the cruise line, include “a sea-level promenade that circumnavigates the sides of the ship with outdoor spaces, shops and restaurants. In addition, Seaside will also feature a splendid and spacious theatre, a terraced balcony and panoramic lifts with sea views.”

“From the moment we started talking with Fincantieri, we had in mind to design and build two completely new ships, revolutionary in their structure, unlike anything that exists on the market today,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises. “Seaside is a futuristic prototype because of its structure, shape and versatility. Working closely with Fincantieri we are getting ready for the new and compelling challenge that the construction of these ships represents. It will be a real revolution in the world’s cruise market, an excellent product for its unique and innovative architectural features and cutting-edge technology.”

The new ships will set sail for the Mediterranean, South America and the Caribbean when they launch in November 2017 and May 2018, and there is an option to build a third ship beyond that. In the meantime, the cruise line has begun stretching its Lirica-class ships as well.

For more information on MSC Cruises‘ rapidly expanding fleet, visit the cruise line’s website here.




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