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MSC Cruises Announces Two New Cruise Ships

MSC Cruises has announced plans to build two new cruise ships (rendered above), having signed a letter of intent with shipbuilder STX France. The 167,600-ton vessels will follow STX’s ECORIZON program for more efficient, environmentally-friendly ships and feature “new panoramic spaces, a bigger theatre and a spectacular amusement park connected to an outdoor aqua park as well as a two-deck ’inside promenade’,” according to CEO of MSC Cruises, Gianni Onorato.

Other features include family-specific cabins and an expanded MSC Yacht Club, complete with a solarium, private lounge and restaurant, and duplex suites in the forward, top deck ship-within-a-ship complex. The two new ships will be added to the existing MSC Cruises fleet of 12 ships in 2017 and 2019 respectively, and there is the option to build another two beyond that. The yet-to-be-named vessels will be 1,033-feet long, 141-feet wide, and carry 5,700 passengers.

“Growth and development have always been the characteristics that have defined MSC since the very beginning of our journey into the world of cruising. The launch of this prototype and the building of these two new ships confirm our commitment to further growth and to further development. MSC Cruises will expand its capacity by 31%; we will incredibly enrich our offer on board and we will broaden our horizons to ensure we meet the growing global demand in every region,” said MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman, Pierfrancesco Vago. “Once again our longstanding partnership with the STX yard has proved key for these plans.”

For more information on MSC Cruises, visit the line’s website here.

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