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Luxurious First Impressions Aboard the Seabourn Quest

My generation of millennials is likely to be familiar with Seabourn Cruise Line, more often now simply Seabourn, from the action flick “Speed 2: Speed Control,” a less-than-stellar fictional representation of the luxury line’s earlier yachts. Thankfully, the reality of the product and its latest ships is far superior, distancing itself from the film’s poor depiction. In fact, as I sail on the line for the first time, I am impressed by the Seabourn Quest from the very start.

The 2011 Quest is one of three relatively new sister ships that launched beginning in 2009 before the slightly larger Seabourn Encore comes online later this year, and she is superb. One thing that always impressed about the smaller yachts, which are now owned by Windstar Cruises, are the vessels’ sleek swooping architecture as repeated on these latest iterations.

Private suites are mostly positioned towards the front of the ship, with public rooms placed towards the stern, and a soaring spiral staircase in between anchoring a grand atrium crowned by the line’s signature circular skylight. For a smaller ship that only carries 450 guests, it exhibits grand venues, particularly The Restaurant and its high vaulted ceilings. Colors are light and cheery

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