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“Live” Cruise Preview: Un-Cruise Safari Endeavour, Alaska 2013

We’re thrilled at Popular Cruising for our upcoming voyage onboard the Safari Endeavour from Un-Cruise Adventures which will mark the latest “Live” Cruise Review from us. Now for starters, “live” is in quotations this time because we’ll be onboard a genuine expedition vessel without Wi-Fi nor cellular service – an equally frightening and exhilarating proposition for this techie, or un-Luddite to get in the un-cruise spirit. So, our “live” reports will come in after the week of June 2nd, 2013.

And in complete truth, we can’t wait to disconnect and spend a relaxing week in God’s country – none other than Alaska – on a boat instead of a ship so as to navigate through tighter inlets and get truly up close and personal with the flora and fauna.

Kayaking in Glacier Bay (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

The Boat

After years of correcting others to say “ship” instead of “boat” in reference to cruise ships, it will take some getting used to to realize for myself that this time it really is a boat. Still, the 86-guest Safari Endeavour is certain to be a beautiful vessel. Un-cruise here refers not to an absence of quality but rather to a 180-degree turn in approach and attitude. In fact, our particular itinerary – Discoverers’ Glacier Country – is one of Un-Cruise’s luxury sailings. The line also features active, heritage (historical), and charter vacations.

Salon (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

I’m already rather fond of the vessel if only because she is as old as I am, having been built in 1983 and recently renovated in 2012. (I’m personally still waiting for my renovation.) She features 43 staterooms and suites spread across three of the four decks, and we will be staying in a median Commander Stateroom with a door that leads directly to the outer deck, which will surely facilitate photo taking. Casual public areas include a full-service dining room and a salon observation lounge with bar service for relaxing and taking in the passing scenery. Outer decks feature two hot tubs and viewing areas.

Dining Room (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

Included in the luxury cruise fare are multi-course gourmet dining, fine wines, premium spirits, microbrews, a complimentary massage, sauna and all from-the-boat activities which may include the following depending on our location, according to the cruise line:

  1. Beachcombing & Shore Walks

  2. Biking

  3. Birding

  4. Fishing

  5. Glacier Viewing

  6. Inflatable Skiff Explorations

  7. Kayaking

  1. Paddle Boarding

  2. Polar Bear Plunges

  3. Snorkeling

  4. Whale Watching

  5. Wilderness Hikes

  6. Yoga

Commander Stateroom (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

The Itinerary

We make it to Alaska nearly annually on cruise ships, and we’ve even taken a wilderness train trek from Anchorage. However, never before have we been completely in the thick of it like we will be with Un-Cruise. Seeing the famous Inside Passage and Glacier Bay from the promenade deck of a cruise ship is one thing but from sea level in a kayak will be an extraordinary other.

The Inside Passage Route (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

Our detailed itinerary is listed below, and it looks just incredible. The opportunity to explore Tongass National Forest and Glacier Bay National Park with a park ranger will be amazing. I’m already preparing myself for the stunning stills and videos I know I will be able to capture on this journey and share with all of you, and I can’t wait!

The Detailed Itinerary (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

Ordinarily, we would invite you to join us next week so we can share the experience with you in real time, but that will have to wait until after we return. Until then, content will still be posting to the site and be sure to learn more about the Safari Endeavour and Un-Cruise Adventures for yourself at their website here.

EZ Dock Kayak Launch (Copyright © Un-Cruise Adventures)

Do you have any questions about Un-Cruise Adventures that we can ask for you? We’d be happy to get the answers and post them here once we return. Please feel free to ask away in the comments section below…




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