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Is it Best to Book Shore Excursions Via the Cruise Line or On Your Own?

You’ve made it to the Caribbean on your cruise vacation, and you’re ready to seek out tropical white sand beaches or take an island overview tour, but should you go at it alone or not? Wherever you are in the world, it’s a worthy debate to weigh purchasing shore excursions from the cruise line versus making arrangements on your own, but it’s a good idea to also be mindful of a series of pros and cons associated with each approach.

Probably the greatest argument in favor of buying a port adventure from the cruise line directly is the protection it affords you. If, for some reason, a ship cannot dock or anchor at a scheduled port of call and must skip the destination, you’d be due a refund for excursions. Also, if a tour purchased from the line is running behind schedule such that you will arrive back to the ship late, the cruise will not leave you behind. Additionally, promotional onboard credits can be conveniently used for buying excursions from the cruise ship.


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