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Imagining a ‘Star Wars’ Cruise Ship Ahead of Special Days at Sea on Disney

Already a juggernaut film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be unveiled in theaters next week, and Disney Cruise Line will be raising the curtain on its own “Star Wars” Day at Sea programming aboard eight special Disney Fantasy sailings in 2016. But what if there was a dedicated “Star Wars” cruise ship plowing the waters at light speed? Let’s be armchair Walt Disney Imagineers – Disney’s imaginative design team – for a moment to create one of our own.The iconic Millennium Falcon, now impressively featured in Disney’s Oceaneer Club on the Disney Dream, implies flight, so perhaps for this hypothetical exercise, a sailing ship in such a universe would carry the name the Millennium Dolphin, especially appropriate for football fans if it were to homeport in Miami, Florida.Aesthetically, it could feature a cool burnt orange and white livery like the new StarSpeeder 1000 from Star Tours (also the port adventures provider). Of course, an afterburner-like glow from the stern could be an homage to the starship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, perhaps visible from below the waterline like the cool submerged lights on the side of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.Private accommodations would be chock-full of high-tech Jedi wizardry like illumination (light saber lamps, of course) that could be mind-controlled, and the cabin stewards and butlers would be the protocol droids you’re looking for, like C-3PO. Otherwise, the crew would be comprised of all kinds of alien creatures and characters from the franchise, just as the announced “Star Wars” land for Disney’s domestic parks will be populated.As for dining, the famed Mos Eisley Cantina would serve blue milk onboard, accompanied by live jazz music, and restaurants could include the Ewok Grill, hopefully without Han Solo on rotisserie. Menu items would be pun-filled like the Cheese-3PO Burger and Darth by Chocolate dessert, both a

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