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How Unrest Is Changing The Face of Mediterranean Cruising

Our current world is a volatile place as terrorist attacks spark modifications to travel plans and cruise itineraries. But just as the Mexican Riviera has begun to rebound after concerns of violence, so too will Mediterranean itineraries hopefully return to normalcy.

In the meantime, cruise travel to ports in France and Turkey has most been affected recently. Many cruise lines are opting to skip Nice, and beyond Istanbul alone, ships are now avoiding Kusadasi additionally. Many companies are deploying more to the likes of Italy and Greece as a result of increased security concerns amid the attacks in France and the attempted military coup in Turkey.

Also less in favor for the sake of security among cruise lines is Egypt following its own domestic turmoil. Similarly, the Holy Land has also suffered from sustained volatility over the years, but ships do still call on ports such as Ashdod for Jerusalem access and Haifa for Nazareth access.

Holland America Line, f

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