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Holland America Line Names New Ship Koningsdam and Releases Early Details

Holland America Line’s newest cruise ship is already in the earliest stages of construction, but until now very little was known about the upcoming vessel. Scheduled for delivery in February 2016, the 99,500-ton ship (rendered above) will be named Koningsdam.

Derived from the Dutch word koning, meaning king, and utilizing the line’s classic suffix dam, the ship name has never before been used in the line’s history and heralds the new Pinnacle Class. The 2,650-passenger ship will be larger to feature new venues and more modern while maintaining legacy favorites.

“In choosing the name Koningsdam, we are honoring our rich Dutch heritage while reflecting that we’re entering a new era as a company,” said Stein Kruse, chief executive officer of the Holland America Group. “This new Pinnacle Class ship will be our largest, most contemporary vessel, and it was only fitting to give it a name that embodies great achievement for the future, while embracing timeless tradition.”




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